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Alfredo Linares

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Alfredo Linares

Alfredo Linares has been played on NTS shows including Jazzman, with Tiahuanaco 2014 first played on 6 March 2015.

Alfredo "Sabor" Linares. Born in Lima, Peru. Recorded afro latin jazz on the MAG label in the late 60s - completing two solo LPs and guest piano and arrangement work for both Coco Lagos and El Combo de Pepe. In the early 70s he moved to Cali in Colombia and became involved in the Salsa scene, also recording salsa albums. Having always been something of a cult figure in South America, come 2007 Linares' profile is given a boost outside of Latin America following guest piano…

Tiahuanaco 2014
Alfredito Linares
DJ Gonzo Productions2014
Tiahuanaco 2014
Alfredito LinaresDJ Gonzo Productions2014