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Mississippi Matilda

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Mississippi Matilda

Mississippi Matilda has been played on NTS shows including Throwing Shade, with Hard Working Woman first played on 14 March 2015.

Mississippi Matilda (Hattiesburg, MS, January 27, 1914) was a blues singer. Eugene Powell, also known as Sonny Boy Nelson was living with Matilda Witherspoon, and had struck up a musical partnership with guitarist Willie ‘Brother’ Harris in about 1930. At the session, Powell played his customised Silvertone guitar, which he’d fitted with a metal resonator and an additional C string, tuned an octave higher. He began by playing on two titles by Lonnie and Sam Chatmon, then he and Harris accompanied Eugene’s girlfriend Matilda on…

Hard Working Woman
Mississippi Matilda
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Hard Working Woman
Mississippi MatildaWolf Records0