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The Tornadoes

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The Tornadoes

The Tornadoes has been played on NTS in shows including House Call, featured first on 15 March 2015. Songs played include You Got Me Thinkin'.

The Tornadoes from Redlands, CA was the first surf band to receive national airplay with a surf instrumental. The song was Bustin' Surfboards released on Aertaun Records in 1962, and it has since become a classic and mainstay of the surf genre. One of its distinctions, and appeals, was the fact that the song opened with the sound of an ocean swell (that continued throughout the song), thereby creating a sense of actually being at a beach. The album with…

You Got Me Thinkin'
The Tornadoes, Tyra Hammond
From The Crate2006
You Got Me Thinkin'
The Tornadoes, Tyra HammondFrom The Crate2006