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Destroy 2

Destroy 2 has been played on NTS in shows including SKYAPNEA, featured first on 11 April 2015. Songs played include Fuck System.

Destroy 2 (sometimes called Eye & Chew) was a short-lived Japanese noise punk band. Consisting of only two members, Yamataka Eye of Boredoms (vocals) and Chew Hasegawa of Corrupted (drums), they released one infamous recording in 1996 called We are Voice and Rhythm Only. This was a live recording of a concert in Osaka done as a support for Brutal Truth on their Japanese tour in February 1995. Running for little over 10 minutes, it nevertheless features 48 songs, the longest of which…

Fuck System
Destroy 2
Japan Overseas1996
Fuck System
Destroy 2Japan Overseas1996