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DJ Kirby

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DJ Kirby

DJ Kirby has been played on NTS in shows including Gang Fatale , featured first on 30 April 2015. Songs played include 72 Bus Stop (Screwed & Chopped By DJ Kirby).

William Kirby Nesbit - Bio.

About: William K. Nesbit

Musically Known As: DJ Kirby

Skill Level: Semi-Pro

Craft: Audio Technician/Mixing Engineer/DJ/Musician

Instruments: Electronic Inst./Keyboard/Synth/Drums/Guitar

Genres: Electro/Rave/Porn Groove/Techno/Experimental

Influences: My Mom/Mrs Lipscomb/DJ Tiesto/Owl City/Pink Floyd

Hello everyone this is DJ Kirby -

Born august 11th 1986, in Lithia

Springs,Ga… When I was a child I lived in Virginia

for sometime with my grandmother Shirley Nesbit

Sellers who is a poet/story teller living in

Norfolk,VA… I moved in with my mother when I was 6

years old… My aunt is Blair Nesbit (now Blair

Nesbit-Jackson) formerly…

72 Bus Stop (Screwed & Chopped By DJ Kirby)
DJ Kirby, Squadda B
Green Ova Records2011
72 Bus Stop (Screwed & Chopped By DJ Kirby)
DJ Kirby, Squadda BGreen Ova Records2011