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Golden Cup

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Golden Cup

Golden Cup has been played on NTS in shows including Don't Trip w/ Margarita, featured first on 25 May 2015. Songs played include Saransk.

Golden Cup is the solo project of Luca Massolin, an active figure in the young generation of outsider musicians.

Born in Italy, he is now living in Portugal. His sound is focused on string instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin), voice and analog electronics. He is constantly encouraged by his fascination for the work of the early electronic music pioneers, early 70s guitar rock as well as cosmic improvisation, minimalism, and free jazz. In his solo recordings and live performances, as well as his…

Woodpecker Wooliams, Golden Cup, Love Cult
Full of Nothing2012
Woodpecker Wooliams, Golden Cup, Love CultFull of Nothing2012