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Makina Girgir

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Makina Girgir

Makina Girgir has been played on NTS shows including Diet Clinic, with Тёплая Кровь/Sang Tiede first played on 27 June 2015.

Makina Girgir is the name of a street, but it’s also an expression of a certain sound, which was found in a specific street in Harar, Ethiopia and was produced of numerous machines used by the public tailors and typewriters. Torn between the early original industrial movement and the techno-pop/synth-pop scene from the same area, Makina Girgir found his musical destination in the end! With his projects Makina Girgir and AratkiLo, he started to produce music for different moods. Heavy 80´s electro wave influenced tracks…

Тёплая Кровь/Sang Tiede
Makina Girgir
La Forme Lente2013
Тёплая Кровь/Sang Tiede
Makina GirgirLa Forme Lente2013