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Ginny Clee

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Ginny Clee

Ginny Clee has been played on NTS shows including Kiss Cafe w/ Piper Durabo, with Can't Be Serious (Club Mix) first played on 29 June 2015.

Ginny Clee performed and recorded a lot of music in the 80ies as a session singer, with artists like Robert Plant, China Crisis, Red Box and more, and wrote songs (of which one was performed by Pat Benatar). From 1994 she was in The Dear Janes with Barbara Marsch and together they made three albums. Her last release under her own name is Hold on Tight (2004).

In 1985 she recorded Can't Be Serious as Ginny. It was written…

Can't Be Serious (Club Mix)
VM Records1985
Can't Be Serious (Club Mix)
GinnyVM Records1985