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A.C. Temple

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A.C. Temple

A.C. Temple was first played on NTS on 22 July 2015. Songs played include Fear No More The Heat Of The Sun.

A.C. Temple were an alternative rock band from Sheffield, England, formed in 1985. They released four albums before splitting up in 1991.

The band was formed in 1985 by guitarist Noel Kilbride (guitar) and Neil Woodward (bass) with Jayne Waterfall (drums) and vocalist Dave Giles. Andy Hartley (bass) joined the following year with Jane Bromley taking over vocals. Mixing industrial noise with guitars and effects, they were compared in their early days to the likes of The Birthday Party and Sonic Youth. The band's…

Fear No More The Heat Of The Sun
A.C. Temple
Furthur, Mute1987
Fear No More The Heat Of The Sun
A.C. TempleFurthur, Mute1987