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The Offs

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The Offs

The Offs has been played on NTS shows including Chris P Cuts, with You Fascinate Me first played on 5 August 2015.

The original 1977 line-up of San Francisco punk band The Offs was: Billy Hawk - guitar, Don Vinil - vocals, Fast Floyd - bass, & Bob Steeler - drums. They were later joined by Bob Roberts - saxophone.

They recorded for CD Presents and 415 Records, played venues like the Deaf Club and Mabuhay Gardens, appearing with bands like The Dead Kennedys,The Lewd and The Sleepers. The Offs' singer, Don Vinil (who died of a heroin overdose on Ninth St. in New York…

You Fascinate Me
The Offs
Max's Kansas City Records1980
You Fascinate Me
The OffsMax's Kansas City Records1980