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Earatik Statik

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Earatik Statik

Earatik Statik has been played on NTS in shows including Chris P Cuts, featured first on 13 May 2015. Songs played include Evil Is Timeless (Instrumental).

Earatik Statik ranks at the top of Chicago's hiphop scene. Consisting of mcs Los and Sef, the group has played with such acts as Outkast, Kidrock, Rakim, Ice Cube, and Digital Underground. E.S. has also toured Europe with Atmosphere and Pacewon, as well as nationwide with the likes of hiphop legends Sadat X and EDoG. In 2005, the group released their critically-acclaimed debut album "Feelin Earatik" on Chicago hip hop label Gravel Records, featuring some of hiphop's…

Evil Is Timeless (Instrumental)
Earatik Statik
Gravel Records2004
Evil Is Timeless (Instrumental)
Earatik StatikGravel Records2004