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Knife City

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Knife City

Knife City has been played on NTS in shows including NON STOP POP, featured first on 20 February 2015. Songs played include King Noah.

There are (at least) two artists using the name Knife City.

Knife City is a solo electronic music project by Luke Silas, who also plays drums for Anamanaguchi

Knife City is a solo project started in early 2005 by Branden Diven. Since then he has released cassettes and cdrs on various independent record labels, such as X Died Enroute Y, Nurse Etiquette, Barfing Dagger, Morbid Tapes, and American Grizzly (owned and operated by he and his fiance). He has done split…

King Noah
Knife City
Magical Properties2015
King Noah
Knife CityMagical Properties2015