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Red 7

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Red 7

Red 7 has been played on NTS shows including CDR Audio Show , with I Lost My Shoes On Acid first played on 13 March 2015.

There is more than one band with this name.

Red 7 productions is a band from Tønsberg. Their music is heavily build around the synth-genre. The synth player of this band, Lorry Kristiansen is a long time stage technician for the band Seigmen. Dan wich plays guitar has also been playing with the band, Zeromancer, wich was co-founded by Kim Ljung, Alex Møklebust and Noralf Ronthi from Seigmen.

Red 7 was a short-lived rock group formed…
I Lost My Shoes On Acid
Red 7
Not On Label (Red 7 (3))2013
I Lost My Shoes On Acid
Red 7Not On Label (Red 7 (3))2013