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Taman Shud

TAMAN SHUD, artist, NTS at Tunnel Vision

Taman Shud

On 31 October 2015, Taman Shud was a guest on Tunnel Vision. Taman Shud was first played on NTS on 6 February 2015. Songs played include The Hex Inverted.

Taman Shud is the seed of primordial gnosis, an impression of the pageant of the Spirit attaining self-knowledge through its own permutations of Becoming. Its topography was whispered in dreams at True Midnight, in the coven of arcane sodality, and traced on alder, in the blood of a crow, by 222, 222, 288 and 420. Its signs are Hawk, Wolf and Goat: Hail Alogos, Hail Azothos, Hail Achronos.

Most recent episode:
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The Hex Inverted
Taman Shud
Trashmouth Records2015
The Hex Inverted
Taman ShudTrashmouth Records2015