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The Rayographs

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The Rayographs

The Rayographs has been played on NTS in shows including Rhythm Connection, featured first on 9 May 2014. Songs played include My Critical Mind.

The Rayographs are Astrud Steehouder (Paper Dollhouse) on guitar and vocals, Jessamine Tierney on bass and vocals and Amy Hurst on drums and occasional vocals. The motivation that glues this band together has been the attempt to create a sound that satisfies a combined aesthetic; the intention to write songs that resonate. The songs are ideas-based: cropped observational narratives, stark impressions of strange histories, dark blue cinematic lynchian atmospherics cut with sharp drums and curious basslines.

The combination of strong song-writing,…

My Critical Mind
Desire Records2011
My Critical Mind
RayographsDesire Records2011