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Tommy Ridgley

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Tommy Ridgley

Tommy Ridgley has been played on NTS in shows including Diddy Wah, featured first on 16 June 2014. Songs played include Jam Up.

Tommy Ridgley (October 30, 1925 – August 11, 1999) was an American R&B singer in New Orleans, Louisiana. Born Thomas Herman Ridgley, he released his debut single "Shrewbury Blues" in 1949 from Imperial Records. In the 1950s he formed his group the Untouchables, and recorded for labels such as Decca, Atlantic and Herald. His 1952 release "Tra-La-La" on Decca was later covered and made famous by Pat Boone.

In the 1960s he signed with the local Ric Records, and released some singles which…

Jam Up
Tommy Ridgley
Modern Blues Recordings1992
Jam Up
Tommy RidgleyModern Blues Recordings1992