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Benny Soebardja And Lizard

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Benny Soebardja And Lizard

Benny Soebardja And Lizard has been played on NTS in shows including Nabihah Iqbal , featured first on 16 August 2015. Songs played include Candle Light.

Benny Soebardja and Lizard

The self-proclaimed founder of the private press scene, Benny Soebardja is one of the most important figures from the Indonesian music industry. Having been a member of bands such as The Peels, Shark Move and the infamous Giant Step, Benny left his mark across many memorable albums throughout the years. During the mid 70’s, Benny also recorded solo efforts, which many regard as some of the best music to ever surface from the region. With the…

Candle Light
Benny Soebardja & Lizard
Strawberry Rain2012
Candle Light
Benny Soebardja & LizardStrawberry Rain2012