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COUM Transmissions

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COUM Transmissions

COUM Transmissions has been played on NTS in shows including Live From Dublin, featured first on 4 May 2015. Songs played include Welcome To The Alien Camp.

"COUM Transmissions was an transgressive performance art group, with inspiration stemming from Fluxus and the underground Mail Art scene, founded at the end of 1969 in Hull, U.K. by Neal Megson (soon to be known as Genesis P-Orridge) and "Jesus" Joheero. COUM expanded its members from 1970 to 1973 to include Cosey Fanni Tutti, Pinglewad, Spydee and Ray Harvey. During it's 10 year existence, the group featured a rotating cast of other members including Haydn Rob, Timothy Poston,…

Welcome To The Alien Camp
COUM Transmissions
Dais Records2009
Welcome To The Alien Camp
COUM TransmissionsDais Records2009