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Heist has been played on NTS in shows including Martelo, featured first on 26 August 2015. Songs played include I Thought We Were Cool (Sunshine Vocal).

There are four artists with the name Heist:

Heist was a short lived Australian hardcore punk / powerviolence band from the mid 1990s. Along with Rupture, Heist were one of the first, most prominent, and most influential powerviolence bands to emerge from the Australian hardcore scene. Their discography consists of only two releases: a self-titled 7" EP (1995) and 7" EP titled "Pain is Causing Life" (1997). It is not known when the band formed and ended. Heist's drummer…
I Thought We Were Cool (Sunshine Vocal)
Heist (Todd Edwards mix)
Sony Music Entertainment (UK)2001
I Thought We Were Cool (Sunshine Vocal)
Heist (Todd Edwards mix)Sony Music Entertainment (UK)2001