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Liquid Idiot

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Liquid Idiot

Liquid Idiot has been played on NTS in shows including Shells Spent w/ Noble Drew Ali, featured first on 6 September 2015. Songs played include Times When I Go Liquid.

Liquid Idiot were the short lived forerunning band to Liquid Liquid. See where Richard from Liquid Liquid talks about it: "Scott Hartley and I first put together a band called Liquid Idiot. It was a ridiculous primitive band. I played a keyboards and we had a guitar player (Ken Man) and a saxophone player (Bob Jenusitis) we were all very primitive musicians with the exception of Scott who had played in bands while growing…

Times When I Go Liquid
Liquid Idiot
Superior Viaduct2015
Times When I Go Liquid
Liquid IdiotSuperior Viaduct2015