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Samo Kutin

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Samo Kutin

Samo Kutin has been played on NTS shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, with Nič = Nothing first played on 27 September 2015.

Samo Kutin, born in 1982, is known for his use of unconventional instruments, be it instruments that have already disappeared from everyday use or sound-making contraptions that feature strings, wood, pumpkins, stone, glass and waste material. One of the traditional instruments in his repertoire is the Hungarian medieval stringed instrument hurdy gurdy, which he can be seen playing on the streets of Ljubljana or at events of experimental and improvised music. He organises children's workshops, makes music for storytelling and theatre performances and…

Nič = Nothing
Samo Kutin
Zavod Sploh, L'innomable2015
Nič = Nothing
Samo KutinZavod Sploh, L'innomable2015