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Harry Thomas

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Harry Thomas

Harry Thomas has been played on NTS shows including Panorama Heaven w/ Bianca Lexis, with Lord Of The Starfields first played on 23 March 2014.

Harry Thomas (Reginald Thomas Broughton, Bristol, UK, 24 Mar 1890 - Montreal, QC, Canada, 11 Jul 1941) was a self-taught musician, pianist and composer, with a talent for improvisation.

Thomas moved to Montreal in 1909 and played for silent films at local theatres, including the Regent, until ca 1920. He was a protégé of Willie Eckstein for whom he served as relief pianist at the Strand and with whom he composed Perpetual Rag and Delirious Rag ; in 1916 Thomas recorded…

Lord Of The Starfields
Harry Thomas
Eastern Edge Records1984
Lord Of The Starfields
Harry ThomasEastern Edge Records1984