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Shaddah Tuum

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Shaddah Tuum

On 15 April 2018, Shaddah Tuum was a guest on Samuel Kerridge. Shaddah Tuum has been played on NTS shows including Return to Zero, with Merkabah first played on 20 November 2015.

Shaddah Tuum is a collaboration between Nicolas Lefort and Brandon Rosenbluth alternately known as niko 'shaddah' lfo and xorzyzt. Shaddah Tuum began in 2013 as a natural outgrowth of their developing facility with computer production tools and listening habits leaning towards the current electronic industrial-dance resurgence most prominently promoted by labels Blackest Ever Black, Downwards, Hospital Productions, PAN, Subtext, and Opal Tapes.

Employing avant-garde compositional techniques such as serial sequences, micro-tonal melodies, sample-based production,…

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