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High Tension

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High Tension

High Tension has been played on NTS shows including Henry Rollins, with Bully first played on 1 December 2015.

There are 4 artists that share this name

1: Australian post-hardcore group. Featuring members of Young & Restless, The Nation Blue, Love Like Electrocution & Heirs

2: Heavy metal band from Germany.

3: High Tension - An electronic music duo Since 1996 the 2 Dutch amature producers X-ecute and Fennek stopped competing each other and teamed up. High Tension was born. In that time hardcore or gabber music was our thing. Slowly we moved over to trance music. After we gained more experience and tools we got more into jazzy…

High Tension
Double Cross Records, Cooking Vinyl2015
High TensionDouble Cross Records, Cooking Vinyl2015