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Clear has been played on NTS shows including Tough Matter w/ Ashley Holmes, with Equal Love Opportunity (Vocal) first played on 13 January 2016.

There are at least eight bands/artists named Clear:

1) A straight edge hardcore band; 2) A Contemporary Christian Music group from Cambridge, Minnesota; 3) A Slovak pop(-rock) band; 4) A 90s hardcore band (see also xClearx) 5) A solo noise project started by Jesi.L in June of 2007; 6) An electropop band from Japan - Clear; 7) An English guitar pop band, formed in London in 1997. 8) A Japanese singer who covers Vocaloid and anime songs. He posts his covers in Nico Nico Douga. 9) A Canadian band started in…

Equal Love Opportunity (Vocal)
Clear, Lee Edwards
DT Records0
Equal Love Opportunity (Vocal)
Clear, Lee EdwardsDT Records0