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Baphomet's Blood

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Baphomet's Blood

Baphomet's Blood has been played on NTS in shows including Radio Fenriz, featured first on 23 January 2016. Songs played include Command Of The Inverted Cross.

Speed metal band from Italy. Formed in 2003.

Satanic Commando - Demo, 2005
Satanic Metal Attack - Full-length, 2006
Blood Vomit and Satan - Best of/Compilation, 2007
Second Strike - Full-length, 2008 Metal Damnation - Full-length, 2009 Back From the Fire - EP, 2011 Live in Italy - EP, 2011

Official myspace:

Command Of The Inverted Cross
Baphomet's Blood
Iron Bonehead Productions2016
Command Of The Inverted Cross
Baphomet's BloodIron Bonehead Productions2016