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Pearls & Brass

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Pearls & Brass

Pearls & Brass has been played on NTS in shows including Black Impulse, featured first on 1 December 2015. Songs played include The Face Of God.

"'Power Trio.' Say the phrase to any long-hair since its conception some 40 years ago and they'll immediately know what to expect. Blistering leads, power-house drumming, heavy bass lines and bluesy vocals. Sounds like a formula, yes? Well, it is. Many have stepped up to the plate, attempting to make their 1+1+1=3 but few dare be mentioned in the same breath as legends like the Groundhogs, Grand Funk Railroad, Sleep, Sir Lord Baltimore and the almighty Cream. But…

The Face Of God
Pearls And Brass
Drag City2005
The Face Of God
Pearls And BrassDrag City2005