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Ed Schrader's Music Beat

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Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Ed Schrader's Music Beat has been played on NTS shows including Henry Rollins, with Cold Right Hand first played on 26 January 2016.

Ed Schrader and Devlin Rice are Ed Schrader's Music Beat from the fair city of Baltimore MD. In 2008/09 many had seen Ed "live" with just a floor tom, one light, plenty of jokes, and commanding voice. This era often left people with a sense that they had just seen a man unhinged trying to tell them something sacred in the form of a song, or something, they weren't too sure what they saw. After a few tours on his own, in…

Cold Right Hand
Ed Schrader's Music Beat
Infinity Cat Recordings2014
Cold Right Hand
Ed Schrader's Music BeatInfinity Cat Recordings2014