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Vimes has been played on NTS in shows including Optimo, featured first on 6 February 2016. Songs played include Mind (Tuff City Kids Piano Acid Dub).

Arising from Cologne, Germany's Mecca of techno music, VIMES have gained international recognition for their unique electronic, yet organic sound and a stirring visual live set made for dancing to and falling in love with - seamlessly combining live instruments with digital elements and blending their deep mesmerizing sound with uplifting pop elements and fragile though vivid vocals.

Recently mentioned as one of the most influential groups on modern music in Germany by The Guardian, VIMES have been invited…

Mind (Tuff City Kids Piano Acid Dub)
Vimes (Tuff City Kids mix)
Needwant Recordings2016
Mind (Tuff City Kids Piano Acid Dub)
Vimes (Tuff City Kids mix)Needwant Recordings2016