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Sewn Leather

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Sewn Leather

Sewn Leather has been played on NTS shows including Lucifer Over LA, with Yr Exit first played on 9 February 2016.

Sewn Leather is Griffin Pyn born in 1987 in New Orleans, US. Second cousin of Philip Anselmo from Pantera. Started fuckin around with noisy stuff after seeing Nautical Almanac in 2002, started Sewn Leather in December 2006 after getting really into Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft/The Normal/Fad Gadget… Released music on various formats on various labels, such as Hundebiss, Friends and Relatives, American Tapes, Night People, etc… Sewn Leather became Skull Katalog in late 2013.

Yr Exit
Sewn Leather
Yr Exit
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