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Dunamis has been played on NTS in shows including Radio Jiro, featured first on 8 February 2016. Songs played include You Can Make It (Vocal Mix).

BIOGRAPHY Twenty Nine year old Neil Hall, a.k.a. “Dunamis” is on fire for the Lord. Ignited by his passion for Christ and fueled by his past experiences, it is Neil’s mission to reach the world with the transforming message of the Power of God. Born and raised in Jamaica until the age of ten, Neil grew up feeling isolated from those around him. His painful struggle as a teenager and his desire to feel belonged inevitably led him into…

You Can Make It (Vocal Mix)
Dunamis, Sahirah feat. Sahirah
United Sounds of America1990
You Can Make It (Vocal Mix)
Dunamis, Sahirah feat. SahirahUnited Sounds of America1990