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Salvatore Freda

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Salvatore Freda

Salvatore Freda has been played on NTS in shows including From The Depths w/ Drakeford, featured first on 12 February 2016. Songs played include Irpinia (Massimo Di Lena Remix).

Salvatore Freda has come along way since his Trapez release some 3 years ago, which first brought him to our attention. Massive releases down the line, his journey in house music has taken him to some of the hottest labels around - Cadenza, Area Remote, Liebe Detail and Freerange. Salvatore Freda has managed in the space of a couple of years to (almost) become a household name. Former big hitters like Sassicaia on Cadenza, Bombolone on…

Irpinia (Massimo Di Lena Remix)
Salvatore Freda (Massimo Di Lena mix)
Freerange Records2010
Irpinia (Massimo Di Lena Remix)
Salvatore Freda (Massimo Di Lena mix)Freerange Records2010