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The Bayonettes

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The Bayonettes

The Bayonettes has been played on NTS in shows including Black Impulse, featured first on 20 February 2016. Songs played include Outta My Mind.

The Bayonettes were a female fronted punk rock group from Toronto, Canada.

Bennett Jones-Phillips, is also the former drummer of Career Suicide and Mark Pesci and Mary Ann Guiao went on to play in the Dangerloves.

Lineup Zoe Dodd (vocals) Mark Pesci (guitar) Mary Ann Guiao (bass) Bennett Jones-Phillips (percussion)

Discography Dead End Kids (7" single, 2004, Art Of The Underground) Stuck in a Rut (7" single, 2006, Deranged Records) We're Doomed (4-track 7" EP, 2006, Deranged Records) Guilty Pleasure (7" single, 2010, Deranged Records) [posthumous release]


Outta My Mind
The Bayonettes
Deranged Records2010
Outta My Mind
The BayonettesDeranged Records2010