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Twin Freaks

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Twin Freaks

Twin Freaks has been played on NTS in shows including Body Motion, featured first on 19 February 2016. Songs played include Agent Cooper Lurvs Coffee (Original Mix).

There are at least two projects under the moniker of Twin Freaks

Twin Freaks is a collaboration between Paul McCartney & The Freelance Hellraiser, named after a 1992 painting by Paul McCartney. One vinyl album was released, consisting of 12 remixes of songs from the McCartney back catalog

Twin Freaks is the name of a goa/psyprog collaboration between Jouni Ollila (also in Ater Koma, D.I.N., Econocon, Little Blue Men, Mr. Jones Machine, Mz.412, Pouppée Fabrikk and project-x) and…

Agent Cooper Lurvs Coffee (Original Mix)
Twin Freaks
SSR Records1991
Agent Cooper Lurvs Coffee (Original Mix)
Twin FreaksSSR Records1991