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John J. Becker

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John J. Becker

John J. Becker has been played on NTS in shows including Floating World Music., featured first on 18 February 2016. Songs played include The Abongo.

John Joseph Becker (b. Henderson, Kentucky, January 22, 1886; d. Wilmette, Illinois, January 21, 1961) was an American composer of contemporary classical music. He is grouped together with Charles Ives, Carl Ruggles, Henry Cowell, and Wallingford Riegger as a member of the "American Five" composers of "ultra-modern" music.

The John J. Becker Papers are held by the Music Division of the New York Public Library. Another collection, the Dr. John J. Becker (1886-1961) Papers, is held at the University of St….

The Abongo
John J. Becker
New World Records1998
The Abongo
John J. BeckerNew World Records1998