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Karoshi was first played on NTS on 27 February 2016. Songs played include Inside My Mind.

There are at least six artists called Karoshi:

1) Karoshi was a melodic hardcore/crust punk band from Nashville, TN. They have a self-titled 7" which came out in 2008, released a 12" Lp entitled Ichi in October 2010 and toured the eastern US before playing their last show on February 11, 2011. listen to them at

2) Karoshi are an electronic pop duo from the UK. They were formerly known as Karoshi Bros. Click New single release 'Not Sitting' out October 2010.

3) Karoshi is a Sydney, Australia based electronic…

Inside My Mind
Transparent Sound, Scape One, Karoshi
Not On Label (Scape One Self-released)2010
Inside My Mind
Transparent Sound, Scape One, KaroshiNot On Label (Scape One Self-released)2010