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The Intrigues

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The Intrigues

The Intrigues has been played on NTS in shows including House Call, featured first on 28 February 2016. Songs played include Girl Let's Stay Together.

There are two bands by the name of The Intrigues. One is the American soul group The Intrigues, the other one is a Swedish pop band.

The Intrigues consisted of four member, Alfred Brown, James Lee, James Harris, and Ronald Hamilton. They got their start in the late 60’s and were fairly consistently active through 1972. During this time they recorded a handful of 45’s for Toot, Bullet, Yew, and Janus, as well as one LP for Yew in 1970. The LP…

Girl Let's Stay Together
The Intrigues
Port Records1966
Girl Let's Stay Together
The IntriguesPort Records1966