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Selfish Cunt

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Selfish Cunt

Selfish Cunt has been played on NTS in shows including Loose Bones, featured first on 29 February 2016. Songs played include Batty Boy.

Selfish Cunt are a British rock band, part of the post-punk revival. They were formed in early 2003 by main members Martin Tomlinson and Patrick Constable. They are notorious for their highly provocative lyrics, aggressive stage shows, and brutal electronic-influenced rock. They are better known as a live act, rather than listening to their studio recordings, which are generally panned by critics. Their mix of electric guitar and electronic drum machines is accompanied by highly politically-charged lyrics. Due to their highly provocative…

Batty Boy
Selfish Cunt
51 Records2010
Batty Boy
Selfish Cunt51 Records2010