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Karma To Burn

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Karma To Burn

Karma To Burn was first played on NTS on 5 March 2016. Songs played include Fifty One.

Karma to Burn is an American instrumental stoner rock band. The band was formed in 1994, in Hicksville, West Virginia (actually Morgantown, West Virginia, though this was a running joke also reflected in bios of the band on other Web sites).

Their instrumental album Almost Heathen is widely regarded as on par Kyuss' Welcome to Sky Valley and Monster Magnet's Spine of God, as one of the defining albums of the stoner rock genre, although the band themselves referred to their style as malternative.

The band was renown for…

Fifty One
Karma To Burn
Napalm Records2011
Fifty One
Karma To BurnNapalm Records2011