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Lenore O'Malley

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Lenore O'Malley

Lenore O'Malley has been played on NTS shows including The Extended Play Sessions w/ Mr Pedro, with First Be A Woman first played on 5 March 2016.

Leonore O'Malley was a Disco and Pop singer who debuted in 1979. Her debut album, "First To Be A Woman" exprienced success in both the U.S. and Europe. O'Malley's hits include "First To Be A Woman", "C'est La Vie", and "Boogie Dancer." Her second and last album, "Lenore", features "By The Way, Now (The Best ThingThat Ever Happened)" and "Love Is More Than Making Love". Shortly after this, she faded from the music scene when…

First Be A Woman
Leonore O'Malley
First Be A Woman
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