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The Klinik

The Klinik has been played on NTS in shows including Optimo, featured first on 5 March 2016. Songs played include Moving Hands (Helena Hauff Remix) .

1) Klinik is project of Belgian musician Marc Verhaeghen, who is continuing (but without "The") his own dark experiments (sometimes as a solo, sometimes with various other members, like Mark Burghgraeve and Thorsten Stroht in 1995, Stefan Mertes and Tom Claes from 1996 to 1998, and Nickanor in 2002), after Dirk Ivens, half of The Klinik, left the band in 90~91 to concentrate on his own project Dive.

Verhaeghen has been involved in several projects outside The Klinik…

Moving Hands (Helena Hauff Remix)
The Klinik (Helena Hauff mix)
The Vinyl Factory2016
Moving Hands (Helena Hauff Remix)
The Klinik (Helena Hauff mix)The Vinyl Factory2016