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54 Nude Honeys

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54 Nude Honeys

54 Nude Honeys has been played on NTS in shows including Holliday Show w/ Skinny Girl Diet, featured first on 9 March 2016. Songs played include Surf Cat.

"MONSTER ROCKN ROLL DIVAS" from JAPAN. An erotic, mysterious, and cabaret looking, 54 Nude Honeys had been a deep in Japanese Major Rock scene under a management of Epic Sony , and started their own career in 1995. Their strong Rockn Roll sound and its spirit pushed themselves as a top of teenage girls charisma in Japanese underground scene, and those great bands like GUITAR WOLF, THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT, MAD3 , and JET BOYS are the all…

Surf Cat
54 Nude Honeys
Mademoiselle Records1998
Surf Cat
54 Nude HoneysMademoiselle Records1998