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Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra

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Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra

Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra has been played on NTS shows including Assorted Sounds w/ Zac Jackson , with Gotta Get It first played on 13 March 2016.

Tony Valor released several disco singles over a period of years. These included many disco tracks such as "Love has come my way" (an appealing, fully orchestrated and vocal duet), "Opus 22" (with its bouncy, full bassline), and the catchy latin flavoured track "Dome esa cosa". However, his first disco LP on the Brunswick label includes the brilliant "Gotta get it" and "Ma mo ah". The bassline of "Gotta get it" is taken from Rozaa & Wine's "Disco…

Gotta Get It
Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra
Gotta Get It
Tony Valor Sounds OrchestraBrunswick1976