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Casey Bill Weldon

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Casey Bill Weldon

Casey Bill Weldon has been played on NTS in shows including Death Is Not The End, featured first on 12 March 2016. Songs played include I Believe I'll Make A Change.

William "Casey Bill" Weldon (December 10, 1909 – September 28, 1972) was an American blues musician. He played a National steel guitar flat on his lap Hawaiian style. His style of playing was highly influential on the emerging Chicago Blues style.

Casey Bill Weldon was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States, and later lived and worked in Chicago, Illinois, and was known as one of the early pioneers of the slide guitar. He played upbeat,…

I Believe I'll Make A Change
Casey Bill Weldon
Catfish Records2002
I Believe I'll Make A Change
Casey Bill WeldonCatfish Records2002