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Alex Under

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Alex Under

Alex Under has been played on NTS in shows including 88 Transition w/ Tasker, featured first on 20 March 2016. Songs played include Olas De Quila Quina.

Real Name: Alex Under Profile: The deepest meaning of 'collage', defined by Max Ernst, is the general application of Arthur Rimbaud's 'delirium': 'I accustomed myself to simple hallucination; I saw quite deliberately a mosque instead of a factory, a drummer's school conducted by angels, carriages on the highways of the sky, a salon at the bottom of a lake: monsters, mysteries, a vaudeville poster raising horrors before my eyes'. We could describe collage as an alchemic compound of two or more…

Olas De Quila Quina
Alex Under
Olas De Quila Quina
Alex UnderKompakt2016