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Platnum has been played on NTS in shows including Swing Ting, featured first on 20 March 2016. Songs played include Love Shy (Thinking About You) (DJ Q Remix).

There are at least 2 artists with this name.

Platnum are a three-piece bassline vocal group from Manchester, UK, consisting of male vocalist Aaron Evers and female vocalists Mina Poli and Michelle McKenna. The group formed for a local talent show, Urban Superstars, in around 2004. They did not win the competition, but used their entry track, Over the Heartache, to showcase their talents to established members of the UK Bassline scene. The track proved popular, and…
Love Shy (Thinking About You) (DJ Q Remix)
Platnum (DJ Q mix)
Hard2Beat Records2008
Love Shy (Thinking About You) (DJ Q Remix)
Platnum (DJ Q mix)Hard2Beat Records2008