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Caspian has been played on NTS shows including Murlo, with Take It Slow (Marimba Mix) first played on 30 March 2016.

There are two artists with the name Caspian:

Caspian is an American instrumental rock band from Beverly, Massachusetts. The band formed in Autumn of 2003 and played their first concert in August of 2004.

Early history: 2003-2004 Caspian loosely formed in Autumn of 2003 in Beverly, Massachusetts, developing material through the first year of its existence, recording a demo in May 2004 and performing a small number of shows in late 2004 and early 2005, including a support for the Japanese post-rock band Mono. The…

Take It Slow (Marimba Mix)
Antonio & Lee, Caspian
Dubz For Klubz1999
Take It Slow (Marimba Mix)
Antonio & Lee, CaspianDubz For Klubz1999