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Formula 3

Formula 3 has been played on NTS in shows including The Witching Hour, featured first on 31 March 2016. Songs played include Dies Irae.

Progressive rock italian group born in 1969 included Alberto Radius (Voice&Guitar), Tony Cicco (Voice&Drum), Gabriele Lorenzi (Keyboards).

The only group as support on live Lucio Battisti who wrote and produced several songs.

Among their hits are Questo folle sentimento, Sole giallo sole nero, Eppur mi son scordato di te, Vendo casa e La folle corsa. La folle corsa also a debut at Sanremo Festival in 1971 alongside Little Tony.

Group splits in 1974 but have reunited in 1990 with a slight different…

Dies Irae
Formula 3
Numero Uno1970
Dies Irae
Formula 3Numero Uno1970