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Public Domain

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Public Domain

Public Domain has been played on NTS in shows including NKISI, featured first on 1 April 2016. Songs played include The Puritan (The Voice Mix).

There are at least two artists by this name:

Trance and hard dance group from Ayr, Scotland, UK. A hardcore/skate punk band from Vienna, Austria. Featuring ex-members of defunct UK hardcore band Dead Swans. Dutch hardcore techno / gabber act known from Thunderdome / ID&T, BZRK Records, ect. Aliases: DJ Francois & Jeremy, Gabbaheads, Sons Of Hardcorps, Sunday's Limit Real name: Jorn Hanneman & Francois Zoontjes Not to be confused with the Scottish Public Domain of 'Operation Blade'. A Melodic Rock…
The Puritan (The Voice Mix)
Public Domain
Bad Vibes Records1996
The Puritan (The Voice Mix)
Public DomainBad Vibes Records1996