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Padre Antonio Soler

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Padre Antonio Soler

Padre Antonio Soler has been played on NTS in shows including Floating World Music., featured first on 12 April 2016. Songs played include Sonata En Sol Menor.

Antonio Francisco Javier José Soler Ramos (baptised 3 December 1729 - 20 December 1783) was a Spanish composer.

He was born in Olot in Girona, Catalonia. He studied composition and the organ as a child, when, at age six, he entered the choir of the Monastery of Montserrat. In 1744 he was appointed organist at the cathedral in Seo de Urgel and appointed as a subdeacon there. Later in his life, he held posts as chapel master in Lleida…

Sonata En Sol Menor
P. Antonio Soler
Sonata En Sol Menor
P. Antonio SolerColumbia1962